Tuesday, 18 October 2011

House, M.D. - S8 E3 - Charity Case

A man collapses after making an extraodinarily generous donation to a charitable cause and House endeavors to either secure a donation for himself or prove that the altruism is a symptom of disease. To this end, he seeks the aid of some old friends.

Spoilers after the jump.

It's nice how they just let people who don't work at the hospital walk around acting as though they do. I wondered how Foreman would feel about House hiring Adams, his old buddy from prison on a volunteer basis but we were denied that particular scene. There appears to have also been a distinct lack of consultation when House brings Thirteen back into the fold, though it's ultimately very temporary. There seems to have been a lot playing out unseen here, actually.

Adams quickly establishes herself as a replacement Cameron - she wants to play the big boy games but is generally so naive and racked with white liberal guilt that she falls hook, line and sinker for the con setup by House and Park. She was easily manipulated by House in the season premiere and nothing seems to have changed despite having working in both a prison and a free clinic where you'd assume scammers were plentiful. She gets it into her head that paying Park's $4k car repair bill will allow her to bully her young colleague into some form of submission - maybe she has the same thyroid problem that Wentworth Miller's character had in this episode. How Park ran up such a huge bill is unclear - my guess is that because she can't see over the steering column, she drove off a bridge somewhere.

I wonder, has House ever called Thirteen by her real name? He doesn't here, even while sending her away which leads me to believe we still haven't quite seen the last of her. In a way, she's a friend of his in a truer way than Wilson - the manner in which they interact speaks of a certain kinship, while Wilson thinks he understands the way House's mind works, Thirteen seems to actually know, possibly because her mind works in the same way. Early in the episode she appears to bait House by referring to her girlfriend repeatedly but in reality, their relationship seems to have moved beyond such innuendo. The concern he has for her is real and her admission to him over the phone of the affinity between them is the most honest thing she has ever spoken of.

Things seemed to come to House all too easily in the first two episodes of the season, and that's how it starts to unfold here too. The path towards acquiring the funds to rehire his former team appears quite suddenly and conveniently, but in the end, House being House, manages to screw himself out of that fortune. Now, he claims to have spoken to Chase and Taub but none of that is seen. Is the budget being shaved at the network as well as the hospital? Wilson's behavior was also very odd, almost caricaturish. What was up with him in this episode.

I liedk this episode while watching it, but it doesn't hold up to the fridge test. There were too many gaps in the story that had to be filled in by assumptions, and neither Adams nor Park has quite bedded in yet. The patient of the Week was interesting though, and the interaction between Thirteen and House was great. As a long term character I am not sure how successful Thirteen has really been, but some of the most memorable episodes, such as Lucky Thirteen and After Hours have revolved around her, so if this is her final dance, I will certainly remember her fondly.

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