Friday, 28 October 2011

Person of Interest - S1 E6 - The Fix

Reese must protect an attractive professional fixer after a deal of hers goes awry.

Review, minor spoilers after the jump.

This show is pretty consistent in what it provides, awesome set-pieces, tight if ridiculously unbelievable plotting and very to-the-point dialogue. This was another solid episode featuring Paige Turco, famous for playing Dick Vermeil's wife in Invincible and April O'Neil, as fixer Zoe, an abrasive woman who sets up as a possible love interest for John should she survive. Finch asks Reese where he keeps things he cares about in his apartment, and Reese responds, "I have nothing I care about". It's a similar story for Zoe who puts everything into self-preservation. The Spartan nature of her own abode makes me think of McCauley's line in Heat about being able to walk away at any time.

Her story is not really outlined, but I suspect it's not all that different from mysterious Big Bad "Elias", unseen but being hunted by Detective Carter as part of her investigation into Reese. Some of the aspects of this guy, orphaned, hard early life, made me think of Yakuza 3 villain Mine Yoshitaka, but while he bought his way into the Yakuza as a way to challenge himself, it's possible Elias was forced into a life of crime by circumstances he retains a very personal stake in.

The larger story at play in this episode is kinda ludicrous. Pharmaceutical companies are easy to pick on and scaremonger for, just look at Biohazard, but there's no way a firm that large sends a defective product to shelves - connections between their output and unexplained deaths would be made and they'd face a gigantic class-action lawsuit and various regulatory bodies beating on their ass. The villains were appropriately sleazy and hateable however and Finch's ultimate victory and redemption is heartwarming. Cool episode.

"Person of Interest" airs Thursdays on CBS at 9:00pm EST

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