Friday, 14 October 2011

Person of Interest - S1 E4 - Cura Te Ipsum

Reese tails a young doctor who he thinks is being stalked, but gets caught up with the problems of his mole Detective Fusco as well.

Review after the jump, minor spoilers.

An array of quick thoughts on last night's episode:

Doe it hurt Jim Caviezel's voice to talk like that all the time? It's pretty cool when he's trying to intimidate someone, but when he's having a comforting talk with the sister of a rape victim, it's out of place and actually quite hilarious. It befits his mood - the perpetual gloom Reese operates under is particularly evident in the final scene of the episode where he gives Benton every opportunity to convince him that people can change, that he himself can change but all he hears back are patheitc and hollow pleas. That thread is left unresolved - will it carry into next week or are we to assume what happened one way or another?

Police business was uninspiring as usual, Carter hardly proving herself the astute investigator meticulously peeling back the layers of the conspiracy - more like a blunt instrument. Perhaps she smells a rat with Finch, but she sure tipped him off if she does with her ham-fisted attempt at an interview with him. Meanwhile, every scene involving Fusco was an embarassment, the clunky dialogue facepalm-worthy and Reese's Houdini heroics are getting a tad too frequent.

An explanation of Finch's limp is given - he has had a spinal fusion of some sort. Presumably, 'The Incident' leading to such a procedure ties into his 'reason' for chasing the People of Interest. Speculating on what might have happened is a fruitless endeavor at this point - there was no flashback in this episode and the only part of Finch's background we've seen so far that we can assume is not some sort of elaborate lie is a former colleague who would've benefited from the system being in place sooner. That is our sole lead thus far - did he 'kill' Finch?

This wasn't quite as good as last week's episode. I liked the main plot with the doctor, but all the other stuff got in the way a little too much and at times it was somewhat overwrought and convoluted.

"Person of Interest" airs Thursdays on CBS at 9:00pm EST

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