Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Gossip Girl - S5 E5 - The Fasting and the Furious

Serena pursues the movie rights for Dan's novel. Chuck pursues mature game while Nate and Charlie go snooping around looking for juicy gossip. Back at the Waldorfs, Blair and Louis announce her pregnancy to their parents.

Spoilers after the jump.

Well, as it turns out, Dan's stay in the doghouse didn't last too long. Serena is forced by her boss to reconcile with him in exchange for movie rights, but she goes in pouting. His desperation blinds him to her obvious maneuvering but having actually read the entire book now, her concerns are much different. After much cajoling, and as is easy to suspect when she gives Blair short shrift, she admits the reason she's upset now is that she is not the star of Dan's book. Essentially, she acknowledges her need to be the center of attention but also shows the soft, naive, adorable side of herself declaring Dan to be the love of her life - as predicted last week, this appears to be the beginning of a rekindlement for these two.

The very tangled relationship the future couple have with Blair naturally complicates things - the book is not finished causing trouble. Louis, after much jealous rummaging, has dug up the envelope holding the results of Blair's paternity test. No doubt he will fail to open it and instead stew in his own juices assuming that the father is Dan, the timing presumably lining up with the sex scene in the novel. The Grimaldi boy is becoming increasingly unhinged, having fallen for Blair's vigor and spirit but not comprehending the bill of goods. While rejecting his mother's smothering warnings, her words ring in his head as he scours Gossip Girl looking for leads on Blair's indiscretions.

Why his sister Beatrice is so desperate for the succession is a mystery. Doesn't she know that the younger sibling gets to have more fun without the pressure of being the monarch? Especially for her, considering she her shenanigans with the priest. She doesn't seem especially bound to the tradition her mother is obsessed with, and in these modern times, the perks of royalty are nothing more than a gilded cage. If they had made up a country, like being the Regent of Kolarivashiey, maybe there would be some genuine status and power to be had.

We thought that Chuck was getting more mature but it turns out he is merely more detached. While he embraced Lily last week, he seems to have gone backwards this week despite wearing an awesome blue suit, chasing Dr Eliza Barnes, a psychiatrist of indeterminate ethnicity who is improbably Jewish and also apparently acquainted with Louis. Sadly for him, he doesn't have the luck Nate has with the cougs and gets shut out, Now, he later claims he understands he actually needs real help from her on a therapeutic level, but does he really mean it or is it another cynical ploy? Let's get some real development with Chuck, please, no more flip-flopping.

I wrote in my notes while watching this, "Ooh, treachery" but really, that's all that happens in this show. Charlie/Ivy does a number on poor stupid Nate who appears to be lost and confused a lot and probably had no idea what the hell was even going on when she asked for his help breaking into Lily's safe. Actually, i think I have a pretty good idea what was in his head; her bright red lips and heaving bosom. Clearly, they are gonna get it on at some point. Meanwhile on the Diana Payne front, she seemed to have used an opportunity to tie up some loose ends of her own before going into her particular brand of business. What's her connection to Bart Bass? I think we already saw Chuck's real mother, so presumably she is not that.

Miscellaneous - Alessandra Steele (played by Marina Squerciati) is disappointingly sidelined, she seemed to have been set up as a major player but is rarely seen or heard from. I do believe though, it's her who says something along the lines of "She knows how this business works", referring to Serena, to which I would reply actually, no she doesn't. Poor stupid Nate is trying to model himself after JFK Jr? Acutally, that sounds like exactly the kind of thing he would do. Diana Payne is gunning for Gossip Girl - but where is she? Will she finally be unmasked before season's end? The episodes lately have been decent, I feel like there's still another gear we could work up to here though.

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