Saturday, 1 October 2011

NFL Picks Week Four sponsored by Studio Yukupo

Another terrible week of picks has me thinking maybe I should start picking all teams I hate in order to jinx them. On the upside, the Raiders, Bills and Seahawks all won - people claim the Seahawks should throw games to assure themselves of picking Andrew Luck which is an assinine suggestion on so many levels - It is a rather scary thought that the Colts, by virtue of pure ineptitude could get that pick right at the tail end of Peyton's career. Let's hope it's not them or some other team liberally littered with obnoxious douchenozzles like Bob Irsay.

Picks after the jump.

Home Team listed in CAPS
(*) = Line Differential

Week 4
Lions (+1.5) at COWBOYS
Bills (-3.5) at BENGALS
Panthers (+6) at BEARS
Vikings (-2.5) at CHIEFS
Titans (PK) at BROWNS
Redskins (-2) at RAMS
49ers (+9) at EAGLES
Saints (-7) at JAGUARS
Steelers (+3.5) at TEXANS
Giants (-1) at CARDINALS
Falcons (-4.5) at SEAHAWKS
Broncos (+12.5) at PACKERS
Dolphins (+7) at CHARGERS
Patriots (-4) at RAIDERS
Jets (+3.5) at RAVENS
Colts (+10) at BUCCANEERS

Chris picks: Lions, Bengals, Panthers, Chiefs, Titans, Rams, 49ers, Pokémons Jaguars, Texans, Giants, Seahawks, Packers, Dolphins, Patriots, Jets, Colts

I pick: Lions, Bengals, Panthers, Vikings, Titans, Redskins, 49ers, Saints, Texans, Cardinals, Seahawks, Packers, Dolphins, Patriots, Jets, Buccaneers

I picked the Lions now but am feeling a little nervous about it because everyone is riding them this week even though they're on the road. I've always been a Romo believer and I think he'll try and play this week and when he is on the field, strange things tend to happen. Picking the Bengals is more of a reverse-jinx pick. I probably shouldn't have admitted that, but the Bills have inspired so little faith over the years, they need some cosmic help. It's simply disgusting how bad the Bears are. Why can't they ever get it together? Performances like they've had recently is why David loves the White Sox, loves the Fire, loves the Bulls but hates the Bears and roots for (randomly) the Titans.

R.I.P. Mike Heimerdinger. I'm not sure how much he means to the current crop of Tennessee players, but I like them to triumph anyway even with Kenny Britt out. They just seem like a more together team than the Browns. The Vikings have blown three consecutive double-digit half-time leads, an NFL record, but that won't happen this week because KC doesn't have a QB as good as Rivers, Stafford or Freeman. The Rams were a hot pre-season pick in the NFC West - I picked 'em too - but they've totally collapsed, weighed down by injuries and general ineptitude. The Redskins aren't a dominating team, but they should be able to go in there and grind one out.

The Eagles are a team I did not like before the season, and it's playing out pretty much as I thought - the team as a unit is overhyped and Vick is getting nicked up. The 49ers have a top ten defense in this league and I don't think Philly will be able to pull away. The Jaguars should have won 40-0 last week, Cam Newton threw 6 dropped interceptions. Some people blame the monsoon, but Blaine Gabbert in his first start didn't chuck it around that wildly. The Saints are averaging more points per game than the Jags have scored all season. Unfortunately, that one looks cut and dried.

The Texans and Cardinals should be able to pull it out at home but I don't respect either team. A pick of the Seahawks is definitely more gut than belief. Actually the same would go for the Packers - they have not really switched it on the way people think they can, and 12.5 points screams "backdoor cover" to me. But to pick the Broncos - I would not feel good about doing that and then watching as Aaron Rodjerk goes off for 500 yds and 8 TDs. Picking the Dolphins worked well against the line last week and it should do ok this week as well - San Diego is another team that has yet to unleash.

I'd like to pick the Raiders but don't think I could justify picking the Pats to capitulate twice in a row. Better times are ahead for the best team in the AFC West though. The Jets are in a similar boat - I would be perfectly happy to be wrong and see them and Sanchez get ripped apart though. The Monday Night game is a head-scratcher. It might have worked a few years ago when Tony Dungy was the coach but even if Peyton was there, I'm not sure this would have been one to look forward to. With Curtis Painter starting, it should be an easy win for Tampa Bay.

Last Week:
Chris: 7-9
Me: 7-9

Chris: 22-24-1
Me: 20-26-1

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