Friday, 21 October 2011

Person of Interest - S1 E5 - Judgement

Reese and Finch uncover a vast conspiracy while working the case of a kidnapped judge's son.

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Really fun episode - even less residual humor than usual, but every bit as action-packed and pure badass. There was no definitive closure from the end of last week's episode but there was a nice, underplayed scene which shows that Reese probably has held onto that hope that things will eventually get better for him. It starts with protecting Judge Samuel Gates (David Costabile) only to find that it's his son, Samuel Jr. who is under imminent threat having been kidnapped. Finch insists that the machine spat out Sr.'s social security number meaning he is directly involved and ruling out the possibility for any similar misidentification hijinks in future episodes.

Reese has sent his mole, Fusco to Homicide to keep a watch over Detective Carter but between feeding him outlandish leads and then giftwrapping collars for him, it surely won't be long before Carter realizes who he is working for. She already suspects something is up. Why do they have Finch tailing people again? Reese can't do everything by himself, but Finch is hardly inconspicuous with that limp. I wonder, does Jim Caviezel talk like that all the time? Maybe it was getting hit by lightning that did it.

I've resolved not to think too much about the ridiculous situations Reese keeps squirming out of, including his forcefield that prevents bullets getting within 3 ft of him, or for that matter how quickly Finch is able to shift about from one place to another unlocking secrets and encrypted information - television is meant to be fun after all. It does prevent elite grading however.

"Person of Interest" airs Thursdays on CBS at 9:00pm EST

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