Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Ringer - S1 E6 - The Poor Kids Do It Every Day

Henry and Shivette clash over the disappearance of Gemma. Juliet has trouble on her first day in public school. Machado is hot on the trail of Malcolm.

Spoilers after the jump.

I had a feeling right away last week that it obviously wasn't Henry who bloodied the wall with what is now almost certainly bound to be Gemma's blood, noting Siobahn's conspicuous absence. As it appears, it was indeed Siobahn who had a hand in that, via her anonymous cadre of henchmen - I'm sure all will be revealed in due time but it does seem awfully hinky that they are able to move around so freely barely detected. Might she work for a higher power?

Henry panics, clearly believing Siobahn was the culprit - she doesn't have Buffy-strength in this universe though, would she really be able to inflict such a bloody wound with a vase? That he believes she would be capable of that brings up the question of why he is so crazy over her, though that may be starting to fade now, I mean Lord knows what he will be thinking of her after he was hauled in and questioned by the cops after Shivette claimed she would take care of the situation. Also, it's Week 6 and we still haven't seen these fabled kids that are often spoken of.

Bridget is really settling into Siobah's life, going as far as to tuck in Juliet at night which was actually kinda bizarre. It reminded of the fact that she is meant to be pregnant, something she hasn't yet figured out a plan to deal with. She does, however, appear to have other works in motion. While talking to her new sponsor about Juliet's stash, she seems to have a House-style Eureka! moment when she catches sight of herself in the mirror and rushes out.

She quickly moves to pin suspicion on herself, her true self that is - the endgame is not clear - attention will not magically flow away from Siobahn. It does allow her, and as if we did not get the point, near the end of episode, she conveniently stands in profile next to the giant photo, to not just fill the hole left by but indeed, become Siobahn. While I was all ready to proclaim that we knew who the evil twin was, it sems they're far more alike than they'd probably like to admit.

Jason Dohring, late of Veronica Mars, shows up in this episode as Juliet's new teacher. There was some inappropriate tension between the two, but the character seems like such a stand-up guy. Could he act as a surrogate father given how the fresh start spoken of would not apply to a home life where she has disappointed her real father again and again? On the FBI front, Machado tips his hand too early on the Malcolm front, allowing Bodaway to move him. Did Malcolm truly tell Macawi where to find Bridget? Maybe he was on the verge of doing so when Machado interrupted, delaying the exchange of information. If so, nice save!

A lot of the plot elements in this episode were telegraphed, but the execution was mostly slick so it was still enjoyable. I'm feeling that the show has some good potential, but then again, I thought that about No Ordinary Family last year, so we won't get carried away too early with this.

"Ringer" airs Tuesdays on the CW at 9:00 pm EST.

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