Monday, 17 October 2011

Dexter - S6 E3 - Smokey and the Bandit

Dexter trails the legendary Tooth Fairy Killer. Deb experiences growing pains in her new role as lieutenant.

Spoilers after the jump.

If I rewatched Dexter from the beginning, I'd suspect I'd find a lot of episodes are like this one but it was very odd, almost like the mini-adventures of Dexter and chums with no fear of consequence or greater meaning. Of course, there is Dexter's denial about his future fate - will he indeed end up like Walter Kenney, sad and alone? Given that kenney had a son of his own, he can't always have been a curmedgeon too tired to maintain the kind of veneer that Dexter does. When Dexter drops his box of slides, he has a glimpse of how meaningless it all is. Not to mention the unnecessary risk - Doakes found the box before, if say, Quinn took up an interest he might uncover the awful truth too.

In a sense, Deborah spurned Quinn to 'marry' her job instead, which would make LaGuerta her mother-in-law. I'm not sure if she even knows herself whether she actually wants to help or hurt Deb; either way her presence is stifling. Doesn't she have a job of her own to do? Matthews didn't hang around this much; at least not from what we have seen. Perhaps he did initially and what Deb experiences now is what LaGuerta faced when she first took up the job - it's something she has to grow into and that starts with putting a cocky new detective in his place.

If this were a more conventional cop show, Quinn would be the star of the show - from the perspective of the viewer and Dexter, he's an obnoxious douchenozzle but from his side, he is very much like many other modern television heroes, not unlike a McNulty. For now he has turned to cheap women and snarky, disruptive behavior in briefings, but how long until he turns his attention back to Dexter's extra-cirruculars? With Deb hardening even more, chances are she will antagonize Quinn into just such tomfoolery.

Random thoughts; Why are there so many serial killers in Oregon? Lundy left Deb to track one there too. What in the name of hell is with this Ryan girl. Masuka is too bust staring at her rack to notice the obvious crazy eyes. This Revelations storyline is unfolding excrutiatingly slowly. So the guy they were keeping prisoner - what happened to him? Was he chopped up and used in the super creepy Four Horsemen display? The arrival of the Horsemen followed right on from Dexter moping over his blood slides and saying, "There's no order anymore". It seemed like a fantasy of his, especially considering the toy horse his son likes, but according to the preview it was very real.

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