Monday, 31 October 2011

Dexter - S6 E5 - The Angel of Death

Dexter is quick to finger Travis Marshall for the "Doomsday Killings" but the rest of the department is caught up tracing the mysterious Professor Gellar. Deb is forced to admit that she is overloaded with problems.

Spoilers after the jump.

Iden noted last week, and it had never even occurred to me, that it's entirely likely that Professor Gellar isn't really there; his appearances on the show could be as spectral as those of Harry Morgan. We're trained to see everything through Dexter's eyes, but he's not in the places that Travis is, so shouldn't we at those moments see what Travis sees? As confused an individual as he is, is he the opposite side of the coin to Dexter, motivated by his faith as opposed to Dexter's lack thereof? Also, how in the hell do you not notice someone sitting in the backseat of your car waiting with a garotte?

What of Professor Gellar? He skulks around the abandoned church when not with Travis being careful never to interact with the world beyond what could be imaginary mugs and phones. The circumstances surrounding his departure from Florida State Tallahassee University remain murky, and Quinn may have literally screwed the Miami PD out of unravelling them any time soon. With all due respect to Ed Olmos, Professor Gellar is not a good looking guy. Upon hearing that the impressionable former teaching assistant was in a relationship with Gellar, Quinn smells blood in the water and immediately sets about plying her with alcohol and terrible jokes. So far his road continues inexorably towards fired and going vigilante in investigating Dexter.

Deb is tricked by the psychiatrist into spilling her guts on all the stresses that have piled upon her of late, forcing her to face to it and move on with her life, truly own the reponsibilities and privileges being a lieutenant confers. I'm not entirely sure her lease agreement with the beach house owner is on the up-and-up. Better make sure the Herald doesn't get wind of it. He notes the misguided tension between Deb and Anderson, which Anderson dismisses, claiming to be married. Let's hope that's the end of that. Anderson is dismissive in general, not thinking much of his new co-workers. Why did he transfer? What has he got hidden in his past? Did his supposed wife come to Miami with him?

Dexter seems as bemused as I am about his friendship with Brother Sam. He opens up to him in a way he reserves for very few people - other killers only, in fact. While Lumen woke up one morning and decided the anger and darkness was no longer in her, Sam admits on their first meeting that it is very much within him. Would Dexter entrust him with his deepest secrets? He certainly seems to feel as though Sam would kinda sorta understand. That is assuming Sam survives what seems to be, judging by the previews, an incredibly inept assassination attempt.

I'm probably in a worse mood writing this week than I was last week but it didn't build and build while thinking about this episode so I'm inclined to be kinder to it, but as a series, it's still a little incoherent - lots of ideas and concepts thrown out there but none of it truly making an impression as of yet - typical early season blues, let's call it, like this Masuka thing - that wrapped up way too early and easy to be truly over.

"Dexter" airs Sundays on Showtime at 9:00pm EST.

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